We offer several design concepts for Networking Lifecycle, using industry best design approach. Our team comprises of experts and have been involved in several projects. Below are the network services been rendered which are not limited to:

Structured LAN Cabling

We provide top-notch cabling designs for enterprise using standard industry cables, which are trusted, tested and reliable.

Fiber Optics designing and deployment

We are skilled in both the running and termination for any kind of network deployment using fiber optics cables and deliver on project within timelines.

Wireless Solutions

We are able to deploy wireless solutions from small scale to large scale using industry standard wireless appliances both hardware and virtual which provide secure access to networks, based on design and support BYOD

WAN Design, Implementation and Optimization

Using best practice for design, we deploy several solutions with several OEM's for WAN Connectivity with redundancy. Also our competence ranges beyond just designing but configuration of all types of networking equipment and supports several OEM's.

Enterprise Network Monitoring Solutions

Visibility to happening on a network is key. We are skilled in deploying several monitoring systems to guide our customers to have a full visibility of their network and applications

VPN, Internet Service

We provide MPLS, VPN and Internet Services to our customer and a budget friendly price with adequate support system and timely issue resolution